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The "m-parking" application is supported on Android operating system version 2.2 and newer.
The "m-parking" application only acts as an interface for the parking fee payment system and does not add or reduce charges of that parking system.
The "m-parking" application can't guarantee that its supported mode(s) of operation will be compatible with the mode implemented for the location/zone the user intends to use the application for. The supported mode of payment is "mParking (sms&park)", functioning in the following way: user sends an SMS with content X to a number Y to initiate a default payment interval for the car registration X in a zone specified by the number Y.
The "m-parking" application takes no responsibility for any costs that arise because of improper usage or due to an application error.
For normal operation "m-parking" application uses network to access internal data and Google Play Store data. Optionally, "m-parking" uses network to display help pages and other resources not hosted in the application. All network requests are made short and small to reduce necessary usage of resources (device battery and network data).

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